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For further and latest guidelines please visit www.ociservices.gov.in    




Important information regarding submission of OCI application applying on ‘Foreign spouse’ category.

As per new OCI guidelines, it is now mandatory to have an initial verification interview of the applicants (foreign spouses) who are applying for OCI Card on the basis of Indian origin spouse. A personal interview shall be conducted by the Indian Mission/Post/FRRO concerned at the time of document verification and the application shall be acknowledged on the online system only after the personal interview and establishing the suitability of the applicant for registration as OCI card holder. The applicant and his / her spouse can visit the Consulate General of India, Birmingham, with prior appointment. The appointment can be sought on oci.birmingham@mea.gov.in


PIO Card

Important Information for valid PIO card holders

Extension of timeline for handwritten travel document/PIO cards beyond 30th September, 2019

  1. Application(s) for conversion of PIO card to OCI card are welcome until 31st March, 2020.

  2. Handwritten travel document/PIO cards will be accepted as valid travel document along with valid foreign passport at all Indian Immigration Check Post(s) till March 31, 2020. 

  3. All PIO cards will be considered valid for exit from/entry into India till 31st March, 2020 as last and final opportunity.

This extension of timeline is subject to the condition that if in the meantime any deadline is notified by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), hand written PIO cards will be invalid, and PIO cardholders may have to obtain appropriate visa from Indian Missions/Posts.

PIO Card holders were advised, from time to time, to convert PIO Card to OCI Card. PIO Card holders can apply online for conversion at http://passport.gov.in/oci/ and submit print of application, passport, specified photos, documentation, fees etc at the VFS Centre www.vfsglobal.com/India/UK ).The charges for conversion of PIO to OCI are £ 66/- plus VFS service charges.


OCI Card


Overseas Card of India (OCI) Brief




  • If you have Indian passport of your own and have a surrender Certificate OR you have your  Parents’ or Grand Parents’ Indian passport and can establish your relation with them , you can apply ;
  • Also if your spouse is/was Indian Passport OR OCI holder , you can apply on his/her basis provided you have marriage registered not less than 02 years ;
  • Minor children with single parent if they have custody papers from court and if the other parent is  not Pakistani  or Bangladeshi ;
  • If you have none of the above documents, you can still apply with a Nativity Certificate, issued by the State Gov. by District Collector/District Magistrate ;


  • Military/Defence/Law personnel serving or retired cant  apply ;
  • If you, your parent, grandparent on whose basis OCI applied is/had been ever a citizen of Bangladesh or Pakistan then  you can’t apply for OCI ;



Apply here: https://ociservices.gov.in/

Fill the online form, upload clear/professional and decent photo with signature, upload all documents of your eligibility/basis and take print, sign the application and submit to the nearest VFS centre (Bradford, Leicester, Birmingham, Liverpool or Manchester, whichever suits you!)


  • FEES???


  • How much??

Fresh application: £ 194; PIO to OCI : £66; Miscellaneous Service( passport change/Address change /renunciation of OCI etc ) : £ 21 ; Lost OCI : £73;  These are basic fees, VFS service charges not included ;

  • Where??

Fees will be taken at VFS centre at the time of submission of application;




  • For Fresh application –i.e First time OCI : 04-12 weeks ;
  • For Misc OCI : 01 week ;




This one you will get online and will receive online( on email)  within 72 working hours ; OR

Fill the form , take print and come to the Indian Consulate b/w 10am-12 noon any day with cash fee of £ 168/- and get your visa in an hour ; OR


       *** We make all the possible efforts to serve you the Best .Keep Patience, OCI is a Life-time Visa to India with numerous benefits ***