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Business Roundtable Meet - Opportunities for UK Businesses to Invest & Trade in India - Bradford 25th May, 2024

May 31, 2024

Exciting times indeed as UK businesses delve into investment opportunities in India! The Roundtable Conference on India-UK Businesses, held at Bradford on May 25, 2024, set the stage for a day of fruitful exploration where more than 30 businesses from North England got the opportunity to learn more about India and the scopes of investing. Mr. Ezhil Anand warmly welcomed participants to the Opportunities for UK Businesses to invest & trade in India. Consul General Dr Venkatachalam Murugan shed light on India's soaring GDP, slated to double by the decade's end, unveiling the robust bilateral trade and investment landscape between the two nations. Highlighting the crucial role of people-to-people ties, Consul General emphasized the growing presence of Indian companies in the UK. Discussions delved into India's initiatives like Hon'ble PM GatiShakti and the National Logistics Policy, aimed at enhancing connectivity and logistics for infrastructure development. Boosting economic relations between the two nations & information on Tourism was presented by Mr Aman Bansal, Consul Commerce. With India emerging as the UK's 2nd largest FDI contributor and the Government spearheading futuristic industrial corridors, collaboration prospects are limitless interesting and informative presentations by CEO & MD, Mr.Rajat Kumar Saini IAS National Industrial Corridor Development Programme, Government of India & Mr Raghav Dhanuka Invest India - United Kingdom highlighting the crucial support, from market entry to policy advocacy, in boosting India's manufacturing and investment ecosystem. An engaging Q&A session showcased delegates' eagerness to explore India-UK trade prospects further. Wrapping up a day of productive networking, discussions highlighted the immense potential of India-UK trade relations, especially in leveraging the Northern Powerhouse remarks by Mr Sharad & Mr. Rajeev Dweedi, Shenward Chatered Accountant & Business Advisors! Exciting times await as both nations gear up to seize these opportunities!