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Global Outlook of Indian Industries @75 Conclave - University of Leeds 4th March, 2022

March 08, 2022
Global Outlook of Indian Industries @75 Conclave - University of Leeds 4th March, 2022
Under the aegis of India@75, a ‘Global Outlook of Indian Industries @75 Conclave’ was organised at the University of Leeds on 4th March, 2022, to celebrate the development & progress of Indian Businesses @75 and the role of 3Ts : #Trade, #Tourism & #Technology. Stakeholders across the board provided vivid case studies from different industries and explicated on how firms from India are stepping up in the globalizing world.
The plenary session started with the Special address by Her Excellency High Commissioner Ms Gaitri Issar Kumar. 'India & UK share a robust trade & economic partnership. Despite Brexit & Covid, trade & investment flows in both directions on a positive path. We are negotiating an interim agreement to be followed by comprehensive FTA' special remarks by the High Commissioner. Her Excellency gave a broad perspective of the current growth and economic developments in India, highlighting the strong India-UK relationship. Consul General Dr Shashank Vikram highlighted the current economic developments of India and gave an informative presentation on how India has emerged as one of the popular global hubs. Prof Hai-Sui Yu, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Prof Julia Bennell Executive Dean of Leeds University Business School deliberated on the Globalization of Indian industries and its ramifications for global economy.
Scintillating discussions continued at the 3 parallel sessions on Trade, Tourism and Technology. Interesting facts, figures & scopes were shared highlighting the enormous opportunities for India-UK businesses. The conclave concluded with a hope that with joint efforts and mutual collaborations the already established special bond between India-UK will strengthen and foster with time.