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Consular Jurisdiction:

1. Services are extended only to persons who reside in CGI Birmingham’s jurisdiction.

2. Those who stay outside Birmingham Consulate’s jurisdiction may have to approach either High Commission of India, London or Consulate General of India, Edinburgh depending on their residential address.

3. Applications for Passport, Police Clearance Certificate, Surrender of Indian Passport/Renunciaton of India Citizenship, Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) and Regular Visas are accepted through VFS Centres only. Please logon to  for these services.
4. Applications for the following services are accepted at the Consulate General of India , Birmingham
(20 Augusta Street, Jewellery Quarter,Hockley,Birmingham B18 6JL)
  • Registration of Birth/ Grant of Indian Citizenship
  • Consent Letter for issue of Passport of a child in India
  • Attestation of Documents/ Legalisation/ Power of Attorney/ Will etc.
  • Sponsorship Letter for visit of a Person from India to the UK
  • Life Certificate for Pension or for any other purpose
  • Certificate to carry body of a deceased person to India
  • Certificate to carry ashes/human remains
  • Attestation of Commercial Documents/ Company Documents
  • NRI Certificate / NRI Parity Certificate
  • Attestation of Documents (Birth/Death/Marriage/Educational Certificates etc.)
  • Attestation of Documents for Making Application for Allotment of Permanent Account Number (PAN) in respect of UK Based Companies or Individuals
  • Attestation of Documents for Making Application for Allotment of Director Identification Number (DIN)
  • Attestation of Copy of Indian Passport or any Other Miscellaneous Certificate (s) based on Indian Passport
  • Emergency Travel Document
NB: Applicants are requested to provide English translation of documents which are not in either Hindi or English.
Tatkal Services: 
1. In case of emergency (family bereavement, medical emergency etc.), please apply under Tatkal services and submit print of the application, photos, supporting documents, fees in cash at the Consulate General of India, 20 Augusta Street, Jewellery Quarter, Hockley Birmingham B18 6JL . For more more information please check
2. Certificate to carry body of a deceased person is also issued on the same day.
  Consulate will not entertain any enquiries (telephone/fax or email) on subjects already covered on its website. However, you can contact  Public Response Unit (PRU) by telephone/ email to know the status of your application and the reasons for the delay, if any.
  Personal Interviews: 
  Personal interviews to discuss and resolve grievances or disputes can be booked by sending e-mail at .