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These forms are available for download in Portable Document Format (PDF). You will require Acrobat Reader or other software capable of handling PDF files to open and print the downloaded files. The downloadable forms available on our site have been designed to print on A4 size paper (Width 21.0 cm Height 29.7 cm). Acrobat Reader can download free from the website at (CGI Birmingham cannot support technical or other issues concerning the Acrobat Reader.)

Please ensure that you download and complete the correct forms and submit them with all the relevant documents to avoid delay in processing. Further information is available through the 'Details/procedures' links under each section below. If still in doubt, please contact us.


New Indian passport applications

Indian passports renewal forms

Applicants with short validity Indian passports issued for a period of less than 10 years

Indian passports are now normally issued with a validity of 10 years - their renewal thereafter involves issuing a new passport for which the application form for new Indian passports should be used (see previous heading).

Forms for issue of fresh passports/travel documents in lieu of lost/damaged Indian passports

Child passports form

Change of appearance forms

Change of name forms

Form for miscellaneous services

Emergency certificate forms




Form for child registration

Form for no objection to the issue of a passport to a child when both or either parent is living abroad

Legalisation/attestation of documents/ Powers of Attorney/Will etc.

Sponsorship Form

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

Life Certificate Form

Certificate in connection with taking of dead body to India

Ashes/Human Remains Certificates